Modern and Traditional Custom Kitchen Cabinets

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drawerWhether your style is traditional or more contemporary, Artistic Kitchen Design is here to meet your design needs. Our fine line of cabinetry allows us to offer diversity and create a project that satisfies your dreams.

For the traditional side, we offer Crystal Cabinets, which manufactures beautiful all wood cabinets and is environmentally friendly. If you prefer more contemporary, Pedini cabinetry offers a sleek modular cabinetry system that is designed with functionality, style, and comfort in mind.

We take designs seriously and believe that only high quality products should be used. We have handpicked both of these cabinetry companies for your pleasure as we believe that they truly produce the best cabinets in the market.

Pedini Cabinets

pediniphotoThe sleek and contemporary design allows for the most efficient use of your kitchen, and gives it that clean and sleek look that will make your friends ooh and ahh.

Pedini cabinets are environmentally friendly and have a 7 year guarantee that is the best in the industry. Discover the sensual curves and the innovation, and you will have discovered why Pedini is so versatile and trusted around the world.

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Crystal Cabinets

crystalphotoCelebrating 65 years as a family-owned custom cabinet manufacturer, Crystal offers a selection of door styles, woods and designer finishes and remains the #1 Custom Cabinet manufacturer within the industry.

Achieve personalized, unique cabinetry with Crystal’s custom flexibility and skilled craftspeople, while working with a company that prides itself in being a resilient and dynamic manufacturer of handcrafted cabinetry.

Our recent Crystal Cabinet projects