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designersIn our current day society, there tends to be a tremendous trend of do-it-yourself projects. While we encourage our clients to be fully apart of the design process during each step of the way, we strongly stress the importance of having a kitchen designer to help guide you through the process. Kitchen Designer is able to turn an ordinary space into something extraordinary. By listening to all your needs and your greatest remodel desires, our kitchen designers are able to capture your essence and personality, and transcribe it into a design that fits your unique lifestyle. No idea is unattainable, and we are committed to making that dream become a reality. Kitchen designers are also able to ensure that errors are eliminated right away, which can save you money in the long term. Our kitchen designers are trained to pay attention to detail and are experts with taking measurements and creating that ideal space.

So, if you are still debating about whether hiring a kitchen designer is the right choice for you, just remember that here at Artistic Kitchen Design, we pride ourselves on being unique and creative. Our kitchen designers have won numerous awards and have been featured in both local and national magazines as a result of their design work. Finally, our designers all have not only the educational background, but also have years of first hand direct design experience. Feel confident in your decision to work with a designer, and in the meantime, learn a bit more about the creative masterminds that are Artistic Kitchen Design.

    sylwiaSylwia Pichola
    Interior Architect and Kitchen Designer

    Sylwia comes to us with a breadth of experience ranging from traditional to contemporary design, with over 13 years of experience in the design field. She holds a Bachelors of Arts in Interior Architecture and Design, which she obtained from San Francisco Academy of Arts.

    Sylwia’s strengths include space planning, color coordination, problem solving, and creating an attractive yet affordable space designed to specifically meet your needs. She has the training and expertise needed to manage all aspects of your project and her attention to detail is what makes her great at what she does. Sylwia understands the importance of meeting clients where they are at, and therefore, always places a great amount of importance on listening to your ideas and working to meet your needs.

    From consultation to planning the final finishing touches, Sylwia can help you every step of the way by explaining the design process and by adding value to your budget.